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Why study High School at CENU

High school at the United Nations Educational Center offers solid intellectual and personal training.

We are incorporated into the greatest house of superior studies in our country:  UNAM, so our staff receives training and continuous supervision by experts from that university.

We are a "supplier school" of the Cambridge ESOL exams through the British Council, so our students obtain the certification of the most recognized institution in the world in teaching English: Cambridge University.


We offer plans and programs from the College of Sciences and Humanities, which are constantly updated, offering teaching according to the requirements of the 21st century.


The CCH educational model offers the following characteristics, distinctive from other high schools in Mexico:


-Innovative: being one of the most suitable models pedagogically in Mexico and Latin America.


-Propaedeutic: Preparing the student to start university with the necessary knowledge for their professional life.


- Focused on the Student: fostering the necessary skills and attitudes so that, by themselves, they appropriate rationally founded knowledge and assume personal values ​​and opinions.


We complement the education of our students with a multicultural program that offers:


- Various subjects in the English language, such as: academic writing, geography & world culture.


- French as a third language.


- Sports workshops such as soccer, archery, taekwondo, basketball, and volleyball.


- Artistic education, such as graphic expression workshop and environmental design workshop.


- Visits to centers of high specialization and stays at UNAM.


- We have first rate facilities in a land area of ​​41502sq ft.


- Spacious parking area.


- Accessible location with panoramic view, close to shopping center.





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