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Since its early beginnings, the United Nations Educational Center has been an authorized headquarters of the University of Cambridge, to offer our students the "University of Cambridge English for Speakers of Other Languages ​​exams" through the British Council in Mexico City.

Cambridge exams are distinguished by their high-quality standards and wide international recognition. This global validity and the prestige gained during decades of professional work have made a multitude of public and private sector entities, multinational companies and Mexican companies, consider the Cambridge exams as one of the most reliable instruments to assess the level of mastery. of the English language, the results of which are granted by means of a certificate from said university.

In addition, we have noticed in our institution that those students who regularly take these exams are not only motivated in learning the English language by receiving a certification from such a renowned University in the United Kingdom, but they improve significantly both in their performance and in their confidence in taking formal exams at higher levels.

At the United Nations Educational Center, we have generally chosen to apply the “Young Learners English exams” to our 2nd, 4th, and 6th-grade primary students and the “Main Suite Exams” (PET and FCE) to our Middle School and Highschool.





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