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French in High School 

This subject seeks to develop the skills of oral and written comprehension and expression in the French language, as well as to awaken an interest in French and Francophone civilization. At a more general level, the aim is to train students with true communication skills and an open mind, towards individuals from different cultures.

Our French teachers, with masters in teaching French as a foreign language, guide students in their learning using a project and performance methodology, as recommended by the CECRL (Common European Framework of Reference for Languages). From authentic documents, the student analyzes the language and deduces operating rules. Repeatedly use linguistic forms in order to carry out a communication act with real characteristics. In this way, students acquire communication skills that will be truly useful in real life.

At the end of the three years of high school, the student is considered to have reached a B1 level (intermediate level), which means that the user is independent and knows how to handle most of the situations that may arise during a trip through areas where French is used.





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