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( 1st - 6th Grades)



Our elementary education focuses on the emotional, intellectual, and social stimulation of children. Our educational staff is continuously trained in order for the children to acquire updated learning.

From the early grades, we have an international environment, which makes learning a multicultural experience. We care for, value, and share our traditions while enriching ourselves through daily interactions with our foreign community.



Elementary education at the United Nations Educational Center is bilingual; that is, 50% of teaching time is taught in Spanish and the other 50% in English.



From the first grade of primary school, students have access to the computer lab. During the first three years of their technological education, they use computers as a tool for their own learning and development of their skills, through carefully selected didactic games. From the fourth grade of primary school, students acquire knowledge of the most used programs.



Our program in values ​​and personality strengthening is based on the universal principles necessary for harmonious coexistence while strengthening self-esteem and personal improvement. This program is carried out in both the Spanish and English areas and is linked to each of the subjects.



Its objective is to support the integral development of children, through a pedagogical program that uses art as a tool to stimulate and reinforce the cognitive development and affective and social skills of the learner as a person. To achieve this task, this program proposes a form of teamwork, in which teachers, artists, and students take advantage of the potential of art, imagination, and creativity, as substantive sources of learning.


The United Nations Educational Center belongs to the exam network of the British Council in Mexico, and as such is authorized to offer evaluation exams from Cambridge University to its non-native English speakers to determine their English level.


Cambridge University is the most recognized institution worldwide in the teaching of English language, as well as for its seriousness and objectivity in the certifications granted.





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