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High School CCH

( 10th - 12th Grades)


The high school academic program is a three-year (six-semester), 332 credit college-preparatory program. based on UNAM’s Colegio de Ciencias y Humanidades (CCH) standards. In order to graduate, students must complete UNAM-CCH 236 mandatory and 96 elective credits, and obtain a pass mark of 7.0/10.0 in all institutional subjects (French, as a third Language; Academic Writing; Literature; Life Skills and Physical Education). 

The methodology proposed in this Educational Project is based on the elements of the CCH Educational Model.

One of the distinctive characteristics of the College of Sciences and Humanities (CCH by its initials in Spanish) from other high schools, which make it innovative and of the most accurate pedagogically in Mexico and Latin America, is this educational model, which in its culture has propaedeutic bases (being so, that it will prepare students to enter college with the necessary knowledge for their professional lives) and is oriented to the ethical and social intellectual formation of its students, considered subjects of the culture and of their own education. This means that the teaching directed to the students in the institution, will encourage attitudes and skills necessary for them, by themselves, to appropriate rationally based knowledge and assume personal values and options.





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