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 Within our program we offer a bilingual, comprehensive and integral education, within an international environment, emphasizing each and every one of the manifestations of human intelligence. Since the beginning, it has promoted the creation of an environment that stimulates learning, recognizing those points that converge in the domain of the interpersonal, intrapersonal, and academic. For this reason, we, all those involved in the educational process, have as our main objective:

To foster a creative environment, venturing into new ways of instructing and educating, which stimulate the five senses and the minds of learners to everything that life and the world offer them.


Creativity is synonymous with divergent thinking, that is, a thought capable of continuously breaking the patterns of previous experience. A creative mind is capable of autonomous and independent judgments. In regard to this, the United Nations Educational Center promotes the formation of creative minds, not only to form artists, but also to being capable of transforming the reality they live into something much better.


Also, United Nations Educational Center recognizes that emotional and social learning is essential in the process of training, humanizing, and educating students. For this reason, the development and training in social skills is present within each and every one of the subjects.





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