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Mission, Vision & Core Values



The mission of the United Nations Educational Center is to contribute with parents in the integral education of their children, offering them a quality bilingual education that enriches the cognitive, affective, and social area of ​​the child and adolescent by:

  • Promoting the full development of the skills and abilities of the learner.

  • Strengthening self-esteem and personal maturation.

  • Promoting good work habits/ethics.

  • Sustaining, channeling, developing and valuing the learning of the human being through creativity, based on methodological and didactic proposals that take advantage of art techniques, putting them at the service of pedagogy.

  • Providing a cordial and respectful environment among the members of our educational community.

  • Promoting an appreciation for national and universal values.

  • Promoting love and respect for education, for books, for research, and for learning.

  • Maintaining close relationships with national and international institutions that allow us to continuously update.



The vision of the United Nations Educational Center is to promote in our students high levels of creativity, critical thinking and analysis skills, motivation, self-esteem, self-sufficiency, and self-confidence, while acquiring the necessary basic knowledge that allows them to integrate successfully into a high-quality university education in the future, in the country or abroad.

Core Values


  • Legality: Act in accordance with the rules and laws that govern us, that far from being perfect and immutable, are the only way to set limits for a more harmonious and stable coexistence among all the members of our community.

  • Integrity: Act with honesty in fulfilling our obligations.

  • Eagerness for knowledge: Cultivate and encourage the desire to learn, experiment, and create for the benefit of humanity.

  • Love: To promote quality human development in the sphere of the individual, the family, and society.

  • Solidarity: Encourage in our students respect for institutions and people, teamwork, and the spirit of service.

  • Responsibility: Achieve awareness of self-criticism and progress, the fulfillment of duty and reporting results.

  • Creativity: Develop creativity as a tool to learn and to transform the world.

  • Autonomy: Help the formation of humans who learn to learn, learn to be, and learn to live.

  • Perseverance: Reduce failure and school dropout, face challenges and difficulties with courage, without losing sight of objectives and goals.





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