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The United Nations Educational Center receives Firefighters and Paramedics SMA

On Thursday, March 30th, the United Nations Educational Center joyfully received members of the Civil Association of Firefighters and Paramedics SMA to present a heartfelt recognition in appreciation of our institution.

During the event, accounts were presented detailing how the money raised during the "One kilometer of aid" initiative was invested, in which members of the educational community actively participated.

Representatives from Firefighters and Paramedics SMA were received by the directors of the United Nations Educational Center, who thanked them for their gesture and recognized the invaluable work this organization performs for the benefit of the community.

The event highlighted the importance of collaboration and solidarity among different organizations and the community in general to achieve collective well-being.

On behalf of the United Nations Educational Center, we deeply appreciate the visit and recognition given by Firefighters and Paramedics SMA, and we congratulate all the participants of the "One kilometer of aid" initiative once again.

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