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Small Screens, Big Stories: Success at the Sixth Semester Students' Short Film Presentation

On May 22, the Santa Ana Theater was buzzing with creativity and talent as the sixth-semester students of Centro Educativo Naciones Unidas showcased their short films. The event, titled "Small Screens, Big Stories," was entirely organized by the students and was a resounding success.

Three teams presented their films: "El peso de las Decisiones", "Cambio de Fortuna", and "Cambiar es de Valientes". These short films stood out for their storytelling, technical execution, and the students' dedication throughout the creative process. It's worth noting that the students, without formal film studies, independently researched and learned all aspects of production, from scriptwriting and editing to event organization, under the guidance of their communication teacher.

The presentation marked the culmination of the final project for the communication class, demonstrating the students' ability to apply theoretical knowledge practically. Organizing the event was also part of the project, allowing students to develop essential management and coordination skills, crucial for their holistic education.

The event was a great success, with the short films well-received by the attendees, including members of the "Cine Club 'En Cartelera'" who were impressed by the quality of the work. This achievement not only showcased the commitment and professionalism of the young filmmakers but also their ability to autonomously learn and adapt to new disciplines.

Centro Educativo Naciones Unidas congratulates all the sixth-semester students for their effort and creativity and thanks the parents and community members who attended and supported the event. "Small Screens, Big Stories" not only celebrated the talents of the students but also reaffirmed the institution's commitment to providing comprehensive and quality education.

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