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Joyful Celebration at CENU in Honor of Children's Day

On Tuesday, April 30th, the Centro Educativo Naciones Unidas (CENU) transformed into a vibrant stage of fun and excitement to commemorate Children's Day. The staff at CENU went above and beyond to provide our little ones with an unforgettable day, packed with activities designed to make them laugh, play, and create lasting memories.

From early hours, children arrived eagerly, ready to dive into the numerous planned activities. Divided into teams, students embarked on a series of enjoyable challenges, showcasing their teamwork and cooperation.

The collaboration of the Parent-Teacher Association was instrumental in enriching the celebration. Their generous donation of 9 piñatas added a touch of color and excitement to the event, contributing to the festive atmosphere.

Despite the heat, both students and teachers remained cool and full of energy, participating in games that left them soaked but smiling from ear to ear.

Every moment was infused with joy and camaraderie, from thrilling competitions to culinary delights. The celebration was a true testament to the community spirit that defines our school.

We thank all families for their support and participation in this festivity. We warmly invite those interested to join our vibrant educational community.

At CENU, we are committed to providing an enriching environment where each day is an adventure of learning and fun. We eagerly look forward to sharing more unforgettable moments in the upcoming events.

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