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Incredible day at CENU Sports!

On Friday, June 2, 2023, Centro Educativo Naciones Unidas (CENU) held an exciting event called CENU Sports, with the goal of promoting sports within our community. This event was organized by the Parents Association and featured experts in various sports disciplines, including rugby, basketball, hip-hop, skating, and archery.

Throughout the day, our students had the opportunity to witness impressive demonstrations and interact directly with the experts in each discipline. It was wonderful to see how they immersed themselves in the activities, showing enthusiasm and passion for sports. Additionally, parents joined in the fun and accompanied their children in each activity.

We would like to express our sincere gratitude to the Parents Association for their dedication and effort in organizing this event. Their commitment to promoting sports within our community is truly commendable. We would also like to thank all the parents who decided to join us on this special day. Your support and participation made CENU Sports a resounding success.

At CENU, we believe in the importance of fostering a healthy and active lifestyle among our students. Events like CENU Sports provide us with the opportunity to highlight the positive values that sports can instill, such as teamwork, discipline, and competitive spirit.

Once again, we extend our deepest gratitude to the Parents Association, parents, and our community as a whole for your invaluable support in making CENU Sports an unforgettable event.

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