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CENU Collaborates with Distinguished Alumni and the Amor del Bueno Foundation

Since 2021, the Centro Educativo Naciones Unidas has maintained a strong collaboration with the Amor del Bueno Foundation, a noble cause driven by our distinguished alumni Sophia Milan-Howells and Brendan Milan-Howells. This joint effort has been made possible with the support of Olga Milan-Howells, mother of Sophia and Brendan.

Sophia Milan-Howells, an alumna of CENU, and her mother Olga have been pivotal figures in the mission of the Amor del Bueno Foundation. Their dedication and commitment are evident in their efforts to raise awareness about violence in romantic relationships, with the goal of reducing the alarming rates of femicide in Mexico and promoting healthy relationships.

Brendan Milan-Howells, another standout former student of CENU, has played an essential role in producing audiovisual content in support of this noble cause.

The alliance between CENU and the Amor del Bueno Foundation is based on the support of our own students. Fifth-semester high school students carry out their social service promoting healthy relationships, encouraging reflection, and disseminating information to prevent abuse and violence in relationships, with the backing of this wonderful foundation.

This joint commitment with the Amor del Bueno Foundation showcases the teamwork of our alumni and our institution in combating gender-based violence and promoting healthy relationships in Mexico. We will continue to support this noble cause at CENU, fully aware that it is possible to transform the world, one relationship at a time.

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