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Art Therapy Workshop Celebrates Mother's Day at Centro Educativo Naciones Unidas

On May 9th, Centro Educativo Naciones Unidas had the opportunity to welcome mothers from the school community to a fascinating Workshop in honor of Mother's Day. This special event offered participants a unique experience of self-expression and reflection through art therapy.

The workshop, which combined the creative process with therapeutic techniques, was the focus of the event. Mothers were greeted with a warm welcome and a brief introduction to art therapy, followed by breathing exercises and meditation to create a conducive environment for creativity and introspection.

Through drawing and collage, participants explored their thoughts, emotions, and experiences as mothers. This creative process not only allowed them to express themselves freely but also fostered interaction and exchange among them, creating a sense of community and mutual support.

Once their artworks were completed, they had the opportunity to share the meaning behind their creations with the group. This sharing moment was moving and meaningful, as each mother was able to express her experiences and feelings in an atmosphere of understanding and empathy.

The Workshop not only provided a space for self-expression and personal reflection but also strengthened bonds within the CENU school community. Mothers left the event with a sense of connection and mutual support, recalling the importance of community and empathy in the journey of motherhood.

On behalf of the Naciones Unidas Educational Center, we want to express our sincere gratitude to all the mothers who attended this Workshop. Their participation and openness made this experience truly special.

We also want to thank Teacher Lili for her dedication and guidance during the event. Her leadership has been instrumental in creating an atmosphere of support and growth for all participants.

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