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bilingual school

Escuela bilingüe


primaria secundaria preparatoria

CENU, building a brighter future for your children. 


Main Statement

Since its creation in 1999, the Centro Educativo Naciones Unidas has undoubtedly been a focus in the educational alternatives of the San Miguel community, always characterized as an institution of challenges and achievements, values ​​and continuous growth. We can say that, in these more than twenty years of uninterrupted work, we have forged the foundations of successful young people, who attend or have already graduated from some of the most recognized national and international universities.

School Events

Exposición de Arte CENU
Exposición de Arte CENU
¡Descubran la creatividad de nuestros talentosos estudiantes!
Feria del Libro CENU
Feria del Libro CENU
Celebrando la imaginación

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